The Alternative Gift Market

Mark your calendar for National Avenue’s Alternative Gift Market
Saturday, December 4th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sunday, December 5th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

This holiday season, honor friends and loved ones with gifts that make a lasting difference for people in our community and around the world.  With each purchase you will receive a gift card and an ornament that you can give to friends and family.

There’s something for everyone at the Alternative Gift Market:

–Children can find valuable gifts that fit their budget and provide children in need with nourishing food and education.
–Families can choose gifts that create lasting change by improving the health and economic well being of impoverished families.
–Groups can come together to purchase gifts that go beyond giving by providing entire communities with the essentials they need.

Come shop at the Market for Christmas this year and know that you are making a difference in people’s lives, both here and around the world.

What is an Alternative Gift Market?
Alternative Gift Markets are shopping events that provide life-saving resources to others in need through the coordinated and charitable inspiration of individuals and communities.  The Gift Market is promoted in the local community allowing people to express their compassion through the purchase of Alternative Gifts.

An Alternative Gift Market Shopper [donor] can support a variety of extraordinary causes such as providing school supplies for children in Nicaragua or food and shelter for a child in Springfield.  In doing so, you have the opportunity to honor family members, friends, or colleagues this holiday season.  As an ‘alternative’ to traditional, material gifts a donor can choose an ornament and a gift card that states the specific gift made to a cause or charity.  Both the gift card and the ornament may then be presented to the recipient.

Support these causes:
–Isabel’s House
–Rainbow Network
–Habit for Humanity
–Council of Churches/Crosslines
–AIDS Project of the Ozarks
–The Kitchen
–Harvest on Wheels
–Ozark Food Harvest
–Drury University Ministry to Students
–United Ministries of Higher Education at MSU
–GED Testing
–Bill’s Place

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