An Advent Update.

Alternative Gift Market…
As part of our continuing celebration of the 50th anniversary of our Outreach Foundation, NACC hosted an Alternative Gift Market last weekend.  So many people worked incredibly hard on this project and we are thrilled to report we raised over $8,300 for projects in our community and in Nicaragua.  We plan to make this annual event and look forward to expanding it to other agencies and charities in our community next year.  Thanks for all your help in making this new tradition at National Avenue such a success!

A Ceremony of Lessons and Carols ~ December 12th at 7:00 pm…
During the Season of Advent, it is our delight to once more tell the story of the One who was born on this earth, who ministered to the poor, the rejected, and the brokenhearted, who died speaking truth to power, and whose death signified not the end, but a transformation awaiting all who give their lives, even as he did, to God’s vision for the well-being of this world.  Created in the image of God, we ponder in this season, God’s promises to all creation to be present with us, no matter what unfolds.

This beautiful evening will allow time in these busy days to let the much-loved words and songs of this season fill us body and soul, giving us hope and helping us respond to that great plea that permeates this season:  for peace, peace on earth, peace on earth and good will to all.

You are invited to attend a reception prior to the concert at 6:00 pm in the Gallery.  Our Chancel Choir will be joined by Jacque Trtan and the Stanton Strings, as well as Jane Berg, Larry Julian, and Janice Fulbright who will be our guest musicians for this special performance.

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