More about less

Doing with less sounds seems almost like a punishment, doesn’t it?  We often feel we never have enough, why on earth would we want less?  But the deeper question is:  do we appreciate what we already have?

Sure, we can simplify by eating less, buying less, driving less and recycling more.  We can only buy sustainable meat and produce.  We can choose to only buy fair trade and products made of “green” materials.  We can plant a garden or have a yard sale and donate all the proceeds to charity.  We could also just donate some of our excess material goods to a worthy charity.

While all of those are commendable, there is more to it all than simply modifying our conspicuous consumerism.

Appreciating one another is one simple, sustainable thing we can practice.  Turn off the television, the computer, the cell phone and the iPod so you can play a game with friends and family.  Take a break from our hectic schedules to have a simple meal at home.  Entertain yourselves with good company.

Volunteer with a favorite charity.  Write a poem.  Paint a picture.  Find ways to engage the creativity God gave us.  Don’t worry if anyone else will think it’s good, just concern yourself with appreciating being self-sufficient.

At the very least, take some time to think about the things you could live without.  More importantly think about the people and relationships you can’t live without.  Spend time with those people … and remember to tell them just how much they mean to you.

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