A word from Joplin

Here’s an email we got from Rev. Jill Cameron Michel at South Joplin Christian Church:

We need your help.  On Aug 10th Bright Futures and the Youth Providers Network is hosting a huge back to school event called I Am Joplin.  It will be held from 6:30-10:00 pm at MSSU’s athletic fields and football stadium.  We are expecting approximately 10,000 people to attend this event.  In order to provide a fun and safe event of this size we need hundreds of volunteers.  Would you please ask your staff and congregation to help?  To volunteer please go to the following link to sign up: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/iamjoplin/1270257  A background check will be required, the form is also on this website.  We are very excited about offering such a great event for our staff, students and their families, please join us.
Would you also be willing to help us get the word out about the event by announcing it to your congregation and putting one of the following messages on your reader boards?  I Am Joplin, It’s like Facebook only in a field, or I Am Joplin, an event for all Joplin school aged kids and families, or I Am Joplin, Aug 10th 6:30-10:00 at MSSU.
Rev. Jill Cameron Michel
South Joplin Christian Church

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