Ashes to Ashes . . .

. . . we all fall down.

This week, Christians all over the world began their annual remembrance of the season called Lent. I noticed earlier this week that “Lent” was actually trending on Twitter, meaning there were a lot of people talking about it on the internet. All in all, most people were outsourcing their Lenten commitments and relying on their social networks to determine what they ought to give up. To be honest, it all sounded like noise to me.

But I was struck last night by the last phrase of the Scripture reading in our Ash Wednesday service. After Jesus was tempted in the desert for forty days, he was left alone in the desert. The quietness of those moments must have been a welcome relief. I was also reminded of the stories about Jesus calming the storm. The disciples were so caught up in the dangers of the storms, and Jesus simply speaks a word and peace settles over the surface of the waters.

Lent is a time of thoughtfulness in which we re-examine our old assumptions, look closely at our lives, and pursue meaning in unexpected places. This year, may we find the peace and comfort that comes in the silence of self-reflection and discovery.

Join us for worship at 10 am on Sunday as we embark on this Lenten journey together.

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