Saying Yes to Life!

In the second week of our series, The Art of Living, we thought about saying yes to life and as we took our queue from Patti Digh’s book, Life is a Verb, worship this week, centered around the joyous practice of dance.  Ashley Jones led our processional yesterday morning with a beautiful interpretive dance to the hymn, “Celebrate a New Day Dawning”.

During this series we will be posting some thoughts on the blog about the theme for that week as well as some actions that come from Digh’s book.  If you would like to have a copy of the book you can order it through Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Here is your homework for this week…

Mark Twain has said, “On with the dance, let joy be unconfined is my motto, whether there’s any dance to dance or any joy to unconfine.”  Digh encourages us during these days to explore joy through this practice:

  • Put on some music and dance like a five-year-old for two minutes.  [If you have a five-year-old handy, ask them to teach you how to dance!]
  • Then get out some paper or a journal if you have one, and write for three minutes.  Digh tells us to write without pause, without raising our pens from the page or checking for spelling or grammar and all those other things that inhibit the flow of ideas.  Just write for three minutes around this question:  What brings me joy?
  • After three minutes, read what you have written.
  • Now for three minutes, write a description of the dance that would best demonstrate that joy.  Be as detailed as you can in describing the physicality of that dance.  How would you move in the world to express that joy?
  • Then write for two minutes on this question:  What keeps me from dancing that dance?

It’s rather fun to think out our entire church dancing this week so in the words of an old song and via Stephanie Young in the Children’s Conversation yesterday, “I hope you dance.”


One thought on “Saying Yes to Life!

  1. My body doesn’t want to dance. I’m much too inhibited, given my upbringing which thought dancing was wrong. I no longer think that, but my body still won’t move with grace. However, that’s not a problem. I really know how to make my mind and heart dance. In my mind, I gambol across a meadow covered with flowers. I turn cartwheels and do backflips and roll down grassy hillsides. I spring with joy from one rock to another as I cross a stream. And I inhabit the spirit of Deborah Kerr as she waltzes around the room with Yul Brenner in “The King and I” to the tune of “Shall We Dance.” Oh how I dance in my mind and with my heart.

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