Youth Fundraiser for Hilapo Dos

National Avenue Christian Church’s: “Homes for Hilapo Dos” 

Middle and High School Student Fund Raising Effort

On Saturday, June 30th, the youth will build a typicalNicaraguan “cardboard, plastic and wood shack” on the front lawn of NACC, starting about 2 p.m. They will put up some tents in the front of the church near the building site for a supervised sleep out that night.

The students will conduct a car wash in the parking lot at NACC on Saturday from 2-5pm. Wash your car for a donation to Homes for Hilapo Dos.

On Sunday, July 1, the students will host a brunch and silent auction at 11:30 in the Fellowship Hall at NACC.

Hilapo Dos is an isolated community of 45 poverty-stricken families. It has no basic services such as water or electricity and is made quite inaccessible by extremely poor roads. The inhabitants must walk 6 km (3 miles) to access transportation, then travel 38 km (approx. 23 miles) to Matagalpa, the provincial capital. Housing fails to meet even the minimum requirements of adequacy. Families basically live in small shacks with dirt floors. The shelters are pieced together with random boards, rusty metal, cardboard and sheets of black plastic. Those members of the community who do manage to find work close to home serve as farm laborers or, during harvest season, as temporary workers on nearby coffee plantations. A very few families are able to plant small plots of corn and beans for household consumption.

The family of Jose Santos Perez, pictured above, lives in a cramped house with a dirt floor and badly damaged walls. His wife, Maria Cristina, is 41 years old and a housewife. They have nine children, five of whom are minors. Three attend elementary school and a fourth is in his first year of secondary study through a Rainbow Network scholarship. Santos and two older children work in the fields, and, together they earn about $160 per month. Even though Santos only went to school through fourth grade, he is one of the leaders in his community. He is very involved in Rainbow’s health initiatives and takes a lead in Hilapo Dos in implementing community cleanups and giving educational talks.

We have an opportunity to help Jose and his family have a new and safe home on the land we purchased for the village last year. They are one of 25 families that need our help to build new homes in Hilapo Dos, Nicaragua.

On June 30th and July 1st, the NACC Youth will host a fund raiser for the Hilapo Dos Homes Project Their goal is $9,000 (enough to build 2 homes). You can help by participating in the activities listed above or by visiting our fundraising website at:

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