Collaborative Meetings begin in September!

While an essential part of our conversations around restructuring have dealt with the business aspects of our church, more importantly there has been a wonderful energy surrounding new ideas and ways that we can minister at National Avenue. Over the past year, as a church community, we have been focusing on the areas of Spirituality, Community, and Justice. Last fall, our budget was presented in a narrative form that helped us understand how we financially support these parts of our vision.

In September, we will begin the next portion of this initiative with the gathering together of committees, teams and individuals that will be working in each of these areas. On Sunday, September 9th, at 6:00 pm, you are invited to gather together with the leaders of each of these areas to begin talking about our hopes and dreams for this coming church year. We are excited for your voice and input to be heard and felt, as we work together to grow spiritually, develop an evermore loving and caring congregation, and use our time and resources to work for justice in our community and in our world.

If you are already involved in a team [or department] that is working in one of these areas, you will know which of the three groups you want to join that evening. If you are not currently involved in one of these areas, please think about what means the most to you as a part of National Avenue and come be part of that group, bringing your energy and ideas.

Listed below is the breakdown for each Collaborative and their leaders.

Spirituality: Etta Madden and Peter Browning

Community:  Susan Wheeler
Congregational Care
Youth Groups

Justice:  Brad Wadle
Outreach Financial  and Outreach Volunteers

A light dinner will be served that evening, and you are invited to bring a dessert to share. An Evite will be sent closer to the event date; you may register attendance through that method or call the church office to RSVP. A meeting of the General Board will be held at 5:00 pm, prior to the Collaborative Meetings.

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