Epiphany Series: The Rebirthing of God

In this season of Epiphany, as we start a new year, we begin our series that invites us to reimagine our interconnectedness with all that surrounds us. John Phillip Newell invites us ‘to dream together of a reborn Christianity that might again carry great blessing for the world and usher in the emergence of a new well-being for the earth.’  Join us over these next several weeks as we reconnect and dream together of the blessing we might become for our world.

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image by javi_guitierrez



One thought on “Epiphany Series: The Rebirthing of God

  1. Thank you, Jenn, for your comments on NACC’s Epiphany series and for calling attention to one of the foundational experiences of a maturing spirituality, the realization of our essential interconnectedness with each other and with everything that is. Only through awakening to this reality and allowing it to permeate the living of our lives will we be able to fulfill Jesus’ new commandment to love God with our whole being and love the other as we love ourselves. May it be so.

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