The Enneagram Journey Begins!

A new Spiritual Formation opportunity begins Monday, September 14th at 7:00pm.
Over the next 12 weeks we will explore the Enneagram, a powerful ancient tool for learning more about ourselves – why we do the things we do (and don’t do), how we can become more aware of the workings of our personalities, and how we can grow and seek transformation for greater balance and wholeness.
EnneagramWhile the staff of National Avenue will be facilitating this study, we will be using a DVD-based curriculum taught by Suzanne Stabile, an internationally renowned teacher and director of spiritual retreats, who offers a unique and creative approach to the practice of Spiritual Formation. A master teacher of the Enneagram, Suzanne draws upon her educational background at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, as well as her life skills learned as a mother of four, a social worker, and a minister’s spouse. Her refreshing teaching style is an unforgettable blend of humor, honesty, and authenticity.
Disciples on the Edge will be offering an abridged version each Sunday morning at 9am this Fall.
Please use this link to register for the course. The $30.00 fee covers your copy of the Participant Guide; you may pay by credit card online or write a check and bring it to the church office. Students may take the course for free, but we ask that you use the link to register regardless so we can have an accurate count for the books.
The Enneagram Journey

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