Lenten Sermon Series: The Road Back to You


Lent is a season that invites us to draw inward, to take a closer look at the patterns of our lives. Some patterns bring us new life and energy, others may give us pause, while some may cause relationships, work, and life to be more challenging.  Through this season, we offer an invitation to draw deeper into ourselves without judgment to move towards wholeness and goodness as God’s beloved as we work through the Enneagram.

Over the next few weeks we will offer some different questions and invitations from the Enneagram. This ancient personality type system offers us new insights into ourselves and the lens by which others see the world.  In The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile we find a practical approach to use the Enneagram for our spiritual lives and ways of gaining more knowledge about ourselves and finding compassion for others.

Cron and Stabile write, “By challenging us to bravely explore who we really are, the Enneagram helps us to recognize and overcome self-defeating patterns of behavior and to become our most authentic selves.”

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9am for conversations about the Enneagram, 10am worship, and 6:30pm on Wednesday nights as we dig deeper into the book The Road Back to You.  Books can be purchased on Amazon and a few will be available on Wednesday nights.  Class and a light meal will be provided on Wednesday nights from March 8th to April 5th.

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