Worship and All Activities Cancelled Sunday, February 11th

weather cancellation

Due to icy and hazardous road conditions, worship and all other church activities have been cancelled for Sunday, February 11th. Please stay safe and warm!

We offer this prayer from the liturgy for you and hope you find some stillness and silence.
O Holy One,
on mountaintops and valley floors
you reveal to us the light of your love.
Our heart’s desire is to bask in the amazing glory of this divine presence.
With each encounter, we are changed and transformed.
With each hand we hold we re-member
our connection to you and to creation.
Draw us nearer that we might experience the Spirit in ways beyond our wildest imagining.

Help us, O Holy One, to live our lives
as a reflection of the light of love shining in our lives.
May our walk among our siblings being a blessing,
bearing light into dark places,
hope to displace despair,
and love that casts out hate.
Our world is hurting
and needs people who are living the way of compassion,
seekers of the way of Jesus.
May we hear the Spirit speaking to us and saying,
“In the wilderness, you are beloved, you are beloved.
Live this love.” [unknown]

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