National Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is an open and inclusive, progressive community of faith with a heart for social justice housed in a traditional and liturgical framework. Our commitment to God is embodied by our common concerns for creating faithful and artistic self-expression, working towards global justice, and walking in the way of Jesus. We live in the tension of our diverse backgrounds and our shared story, praying that our eyes will be open to see the God of grace within us, in the space between us, and ahead of us as we walk together.

We are located in center-city Springfield, Missouri. We meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 for spiritual conversation, at 10:00 for worship, and 11:30 for coffee. For more information, contact:

National Avenue Christian Church
1515 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804

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  1. Hi! I’m inquiring about the Good Friday- Stations of thwe Cross through art. If you could send me details RE: Is it guided? Aproximate time for experience? I will publish this in our bulletin here at Covenant Presbyterian Church. P.S. If the link is supposed to tell you all of this… it doesn’t. Thank you for your assistance.
    Rev. Ward A. Rudolph

    1. Wirt –

      Check the calendar section under the “Community” tab for upcoming events. Keep checking your email for the e-blast that will contain all the latest news!

  2. Hello,

    I am long time Christian Church member that is looking for a new church home. 41 and single, wondering how I would fit in at National Ave.?

  3. Hi I have been attending for a while and was supposed to start getting the emails of events….sadly I have not recieved any. How can I get on the list for the emails?

    1. Just fill out the appropriate forms next time you attend, and we’ll have one of our volunteers make sure you’re on the list.

    1. We don’t have a specific statement of beliefs, believing ourselves to be united in our commitment to the way of Jesus and to one another in all of our unique expressions of our faith journeys.

  4. Thanks, Matt. You said it just right. If our church had a single statement of beliefs, more than half of us wouldn’t be able to find our place at all. But we are committed to the way of Jesus and to each other. As the UU sign presently said, “Not to think alike but to walk together.”

  5. Who should I contact in order to set up an interview? I am a contributing writer for a LBGT blog to support those in the fundamentalist community. I’m currently writing a series on inclusive, gay-friendly churches and would love to interview someone from your church. I’ve seen you at Pride and so admire the work you are doing.

    1. What kind of interview are you looking to do? I’m sure there are some very nice people around who’d be willing to help.

  6. Hi,I am a longtime Springfield resident and am openly gay and coming to service on this Sunday. I am curious if the church has ever or would be open to performing ”commitment”ceramony for gay couples in commited longterm relationships?

  7. My partner and I are looking for a church that isn’t going to look down on us because of they way we are…so my question is do u guys accept the lgbt community?

  8. My partner and I found your church in a directory of LBGT friendly Christian churches. We had attended the UU church for a while but feel the need for Christian worship. Does someone have a moment to email me a little reassurance about visiting your church?

  9. As the person who will likely greet you first since I normally am at the back door when people come in on Sunday morning, let me assure you of our warm welcome. Our church has been open and affirming for many years. Members of the LGBT serve as elders, deacons, choir members, and simply people who attend. We hope to see you Sunday.

  10. I was just wondering how many people attend church regularly, and if you meet any time besides Sunday mornings.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Jeff,
      We do not have any regular additional worship services throughout the week, though we do offer special services for liturgical holidays (Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, etc.). Please contact the church office with any further questions at 417-869-9176

  11. Is rare breed still being hosted at 530 today? I’m helping with vbs at another church and wanted to know if I can drop off my sweets a little early.

    God bless

  12. Hi,I’m interested in joining your church services. But don’t have access to transportation and wanted to inquire of possible ride share opportunity?

    1. Hi Shane,
      Please contact our church offices at 417-869-9176 to discuss possible transportation services. We would love for you to join us in worship!

  13. I am new to the area. I recently moved here from Nashville, Tn and I am looking for a gay friendly church. What is your affiliation? Is this an accepting church? When are the services?

    1. Jason, welcome to Springfield! We are a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We are an Open and Affirming congregation-meaning all are welcome and celebrated! We gather for worship on Sundays at 10am. We also meet for coffee at Big Momma’s on Tuesdays at 1:30pm if you would like to come and a conversation before you visit. Please call the church office for more information-417-869-9176.

    2. Jason – Welcome to Springfield! I’ve lived here nearly my entire life, but only have been attending NACC here in the last few years (after a few years of living in Boulder). I’m queer and trans and I’m currently the chair of our Justice Collaborative, and a board member. You’ll see other gay people here as deacons passing the plate, serving on boards/committees/collaboratives, sharing the children’s moment, reading scripture, leading/singing in the choir. We are recognized in Springfield as being gay friendly, and have been for quite some time (we’re one of a handful [but growing] number of churches you’ll find at Pridefest in June, for example). We actually have a lot of ways in which we reach out and support the LGBTIA+ community. So yeah, its more than people are just ok or not hateful towards you for being gay, this is a church that believes that you, like we all, are made in the image of G-d, and that is Good. (Sorry If I went over the top, I’m not an evangelist, I promise, I would never try to sell someone who didn’t want to go to church on church, but if you’re wanting to find a church, I highly recommend this one. Find me next time you visit – I usually come in late and sit alone :)) – You can also check us out on facebook, and there’s a group page separate from the “business” page too, where you can get to know us.

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