Passing of the Peace for Sunday, May 17th

Passing of the Peace … Send Us A Peace Sign!
For Sunday, May 17th we would love to see your faces and a hand sign of peace.  Take the lead from this beautiful boy in Nicaragua (Pictured above. Photo Credit from The Rainbow Network)
Send us your photos or videos of sharing a peace sign, high five or heart hands using THIS LINK.  All the content will come to one secure spot.  Please use this feature with Dropbox to help it stay organized and secure.
Send your picture or video by Friday, May 15th at 2pm.


Be a part of our newest Storytelling Project #ThisIsUs. This is a nice, simple way to get a Drive-By photo and feature on our Facebook Group so we can get to know each other. This project is lead by Storytelling Photographer, Stephanie Scott-Huffman.