Easter Sunday Worship Online at 10am

Join us! We will be on our NACC Facebook Live for worship. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can still watch here: Online Worship Link.

Get ready for worship by setting your table. Bring a candle, flame of choice and communion elements. Communion elements in my home? Yep! Coffee, juice, tea, sticky buns, biscuits, animal crackers, whatever you bring is just right.  When you are all set please send us a pic of your table via email or on Facebook! We would love to see you before and during worship!

To help us all follow along with hymns and liturgy there will be a PDF document shared via; email, Facebook Post and on our website under the page headline, “Worship Guide / Liturgy” Sunday at 9am.

During service we will be sharing prayer concerns. Remember the ones on Facebook will be live, so only share what you are comfortable being public.

If you have any other questions about how to connect, contact Kayshia at natlave@sbcglobal.net or Pastor Jenn @ pastorjenn@nationalavenuecc.com. See you Sunday for worship at 10am!

Online Worship this Sunday, March 29th

Join us on Facebook Live on our Public Page. It will be linked to our NACC Private Group. If you don’t have facebook, you can watch here: Online Worship Link.

This Sunday’s worship will look a little different from last week. As we all Shelter in Place, per Greene County Mo, worship service will be led remotely. It will be a Zoom call streaming on Facebook Live. No need to change what you’ve done the last two weeks. It will be the same Facebook, same communion elements, same love just a tad different style. As we gather for worship bring a candle (and a lighter!), communion elements (coffee, o.j., muffins, goldfish. Whatever you bring is just right!), and set the table. To help us follow along with hymns and liturgy, there will be a PDF of worship shared via email, Facebook Post and on our website under the page headline, “Worship Guide / Liturgy”.

After worship a zoom invite code and link will be provided in the Live video comments. Once you are on Zoom you will be sent to a “breakout room” to fellowship with smaller groups of our NACC family.