Taize Worship March 27th, April 3rd, and April 10th

Taizé Worship Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm in the chapel on March 27, April 3, and April 10th.

A Taizé service is a service of song and silence, prayer, readings and scripture that hope to lead participants to reflect in silence on their relationship with God and with one another.

Music repeats several times, beginning with a simple melody that we sing together. Sometimes it builds as it progresses. If an instrument or soloist joins the music, you can continue singing, noticing how that part fits with yours. If you would sometimes prefer to quit singing and experience the music as an observer, please do.

Texts are short and reflective as well. It is always good to think about a reading, but Taizé invites you to feel a reading and to interact with it. Prayers are invitational and conversational. You are not addressing a faraway being, but entering a dialogue with the living present Christ. Silence is intentional, and can be seen as opportunities to wonder or to consider the words or music you have heard. If a silence feels too long, you might ponder the bulletin cover or focus on the flickering candles.taize2019

NACC Will Have Two Separate Christmas Eve Worship Opportunities

6:30pm at Grace United Methodist:
We are looking forward to joining together for worship with one of our partners Grace United Methodist Church (600 S. Jefferson Ave.) for worship on Christmas Eve at 6:30pm.
As part of our worship we will have a No-Stress Christmas Story. No rehearsals. No line. Just dress up and help tell the story. Characters are invited to come already dressed or show up and pick out an outfit. Every child (and adult!) who would like to participate that evening are invited to help us tell the story of Jesus’ birth.
11:00pm at National Avenue Christian Church:
The lights, sounds and smells of Christmas will be in the air as we greet the first moments of Christmas Day together. Join us for a evening filled with wonder and mystery as we hear the story of Jesus’ birth anew. 11pm at National Avenue Christian Church.