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2 thoughts on “Ave-News

  1. Janet Elizabeth Baker (Macleod), daughter of Opal Baker, passed away on 22 November 2016. Janet and her Mom were long-time National Avenue members as she grew up in Springfield and Opal taught school there. I was just wondering if this message could be part of the Ave-News; Janet’s obituary was to be in the Springfield papers as well. I found two Church bulletins from 1991 which she kept with her files; the Easter 1991 one referenced Lilies in memory of Opal Baker from Janet Macleod and family so I expect these were important to her. Dr. Mark Randle, former interim Senior Pastor visited with us in Dallas, Texas after his retirement quite some time ago, but Janet always meant to maintain a relationship with National Avenue.

    1. Roger,
      I’m so sorry I did not see your comment sooner- I didn’t receive an alert for it. Thank you for reaching out to us. I will include this information in the Ave-News for the next few weeks to let our members and friends know of her passing. Peace to you and all who knew and loved Janet.

      Tabitha Carroll
      NACC Communication Coordinator

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