National Avenue Christian Church is an open and inclusive, progressive community of faith with a heart for social justice housed in a traditional and liturgical framework. Our commitment to God is embodied by our common concerns for creating faithful and artistic self-expression, working towards global justice, and walking in the way of Jesus.

We live in the tension of our diverse backgrounds and our shared story, praying that our eyes will be open to see the God of grace within us, in the space between us, and ahead of us as we walk together. Whether we are helping give out food at Crosslines, building homes for those in need in Nicaragua, or giving Springfield’s street-dependent youth new shoes for their journey, this is a community of faith that will empower and encourage meaningful service as we follow in the Way of Jesus.

To apply for a grant request download the Grant Request Form.  Fill out the form and return to National Avenue Christian Christian, attention Justice Collaborative Leaders.



One thought on “Justice

  1. One of the wonderful opportunities for making a difference is to volunteer with “Safe to Sleep,” a Council of Churches program that provides a safe place to sleep, shower, and breakfast each day. Two volunteers must be in attendance from 7 p.m. to 8a.m. the following morning. I find it wonderfully fulfilling to help women who are doing their best to do better. As long as one woman is a part of the team, a man is welcome to be the other team member. If you’re interested in doing this one night a month, call the Council of Churches and ask for Romona or add a reply to this entry.

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