Online Worship this Sunday, March 29th

Join us on Facebook Live on our Public Page. It will be linked to our NACC Private Group. If you don’t have facebook, you can watch here: Online Worship Link.

This Sunday’s worship will look a little different from last week. As we all Shelter in Place, per Greene County Mo, worship service will be led remotely. It will be a Zoom call streaming on Facebook Live. No need to change what you’ve done the last two weeks. It will be the same Facebook, same communion elements, same love just a tad different style. As we gather for worship bring a candle (and a lighter!), communion elements (coffee, o.j., muffins, goldfish. Whatever you bring is just right!), and set the table. To help us follow along with hymns and liturgy, there will be a PDF of worship shared via email, Facebook Post and on our website under the page headline, “Worship Guide / Liturgy”.

After worship a zoom invite code and link will be provided in the Live video comments. Once you are on Zoom you will be sent to a “breakout room” to fellowship with smaller groups of our NACC family.

Worship Will be Online Only This Sunday, March 15

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In an abundance of caution, we have decided to move worship to online only tomorrow. Following the advice of the Greene County Health Department and the call for people to begin social distancing, the advisory team is in favor of beginning this practice tomorrow. We know this practice is one of the most loving things we can do for one another right now.
In moments such as these, we need each other. We need each other in courage and in wisdom. We need each other in strength. Sharing the table and peace at a distance will be, different. The love we share in community will be made known in new ways.
We will be live-steaming worship at our normal worship time at 10am. We hope you will join us and share comments during worship! We know some of us are not on Facebook. We share the link from worship via email later in the day.
We will continue to send updates of the ways we are discovering to be church for and with one another. As needs arise in your family, please contact the church directly or Pastor Jenn.

February is Black History Month


“The Birth of Eve,” 2018, from ‘New World Consciousness’ Courtesy of Harmonia Rosales

We plan to use the newsletter each week to call attention to some resources, podcast, articles, to learn more about black history as well as current ways we engage with race. Enfleshed is a site that we draw a lot of liturgy from, and they shared and article this week about the consequences of perceiving God as a white man. “‘Even early in life, the belief that God is white shapes how children evaluate actual human beings.’ [Steven O.] Roberts said.” Roberts is a psychologist and the lead researcher from Stanford which published their data last month. Indicating lifelong attitudes towards equity can be shaped in our churches by how we communicate about God to our children, and what images they are exposed to. Surveying U.S. Christians (adults), they found that “when people conceptualize God as a white man, they are more likely to perceive white male job candidates as more fit for leadership than black and female applicants.” Here are some traditional images we have associated with the divine reimagined as a black woman.

Storytelling Workshop – February 18th!

goddessTuesday, February 18th, 6-8 pm, in the Gallery. 
You’re invited to an interactive workshop that focuses on the importance and relevance of telling your stories. Learn how our stories are deeply entwined with God, our community and ourselves. Our stories and experiences are powerful, they have the ability to change lives, bring healing, hope and more. This interactive workshop is lead by Stephanie Scott-Huffman, Storytelling photographer, who will help us to dive deeper into our own stories, thoughts and feelings, equip us to tell our stories on a deeper level, through conversation, connecting and challenging each other in new ways. A light dinner will be served, and please call the office by Monday, February 17th if you need childcare.